Jungle Fever The Christmas Roadblock
Jungle Fever The Christmas Roadblock

After our sell out summer event at Electric in July, and our rammed out tent with One Nation at Tranz-mission Festival in Finsbury Park, we are back for a Christmas “Jungle Fever” Roadblock!!!

What better way to spend your Christmas rave celebrations, than with Jungle Fever, the world’s number one, and longest running Jungle organisation, one owner from new, through thick and thin, enduring blood, sweat and tears, to keep jungle ALIVE.  

Once again, we return to Electric-Brixton with the cream of Jungle DJ’s & MC’s, past, present and future, to keep you entertained, and giving you that authentic Jungle fix, that only Jungle Fever can provide. 

As with our event in July, we will be transforming Electric into a Jungle Fever rave paradise, of course, with a Christmas theme. No expense will be spared, in making sure this will be the Christmas rave of 2016. 

Accept no imitations, the mighty “Jungle Fever” lion is roaring, louder, and prouder, then ever before!!!


​Get your 1st Release Tickets Here > https://junglefever.databeats.com/event/4304-jungle-fever-the-christmas-roadblock